Versuri Man Must Die - How The Mighty Have Fallen

Album: Man Must Die - No Tolerance for Imperfection

Trapped in this shell, a living hell that I have lived through.
It's beyond any kind of pain that I had felt before.
Stripped of worth and beaten flat to the floor.
Every day feels like swallowing razor blades.
Black out the windows to vanquish the sun.
my greatest fears I'll overcome.
Living nightmare pollutes my soul.
It's gonna kill me if I let it take control.
The path before me paved with decisions I have made.
This suffocating state is all I know reduced to nothing.
Losing control, a fear unknown.
I heard my death march.
A shadow of the man I was.
And who I'll be again.
Only this time I'll try not to pretend that I am f*****g invincible.
How the mighty have fallen.
There's nothing left to fear.
I will fight this.
It's gonna kill me if I give it control.
It's gonna kill me if I can't let it go.
We must take control!

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