Versuri Man Must Die - Kill It Skin It Wear It

Album: Man Must Die - No Tolerance for Imperfection

Hang your heads in shame.
Human failure, kill for gain.
Mankind has lost all dignity.
Skinned alive, the thoughts unbearable.
Left to die, untraceable.
Just another fashion accessory.
Mass slaughter of the innocent.
Kill it, skin it, wear it.
How the f**k can you rest your head and sleep at night?
Kill it, skin it, wear it.
Where do we draw the line?
Hammer to the head.
A merciless killing, nothing said.
Tell me who are the animals?
Final breath, discard the carcass.
Wear the flesh.
It's sickening the depths we will sink to for money.
We're the animals now!
Crammed into cages.
Madness sets into the mind.
Stockpile of bodies.
Writhe in pain until they die.
All of this for the value of ink and paper.
Gassed or bludgeoned.
The end result's the loss of rights.
The rich and wealthy fund this motherfucking genocide.
All of this for the value of ink and paper.
A life for a life I say.
Senseless violence it will never go away.

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