Versuri Mandragora Scream - Blindness

Album: Mandragora Scream - Volturna

I'm bleedin' so hard,
callin' you now
what can I do to get over you...
and Nightmares of life...
why should I fly...
I'm feelin' so alone...

Haunted nails scratch my brain
while you're far away
where's my darkness?

Scream aloud my name
In this winter rain
Why'd you live me alone.....
Snowin' in my heart life..... like

Night lies in your eyes
Like the Autumn pages
try this love again
creepin' in dark rave rays

Now I'm ravin' in your arms
without your cries.....
I'm feeling so blind and I'm loosin' you.....
Again I agonize,
why should I fly.....?
you're killin' me softly..... I'm alone.....

I'm bleedin' so hard
callin' you now
I'm feelin' so alone.....

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