Versuri Mandragora Scream - iiaonman iibiich Vampires

Album: Mandragora Scream - A Whisper Of Dew

[Dhalstai, Ambarllia, Yalmare, Leddnizzia & Imperiah]
iaonman iibiich live, live,
Bloodied be hinloa samuoan
Lie mother my sufferin', stronger is my mind
Layin' my words so brave, sweet, so...
never life so far
Slaves of our passion, we drown deepin' in sighs
Please, we want our death like dew
Leave our mind to decide
ianonman iibiich live, live
Bloodied be hinloa samuoan
Swallowin' our deadly dreams, gloomy memories come back to me
Mildly in agony we wait
All nightfall our knowledge became like a fadin' rain
Everytime we may fall enslave
Terrible past flowin' in these veins
Waitin' for silence that drives us insane
Mercy in your eye, nightmares on lips
Macabre damsels slaves of these gems
Drained of blood, merely death
Spells on the rain marries our love
Melodies will not die in our veins