Versuri Manga - We Could Be The Same

You could be the on in my dreams
You could be much more than you seem
Anything I’ve wanted in life
Do you understand what I mean?
I can see that this could be hate
I can love you more than they hate
Doesn”t matter who they will blame
We can beatthem at their own game
I can see it in your eyes
I doesn’t come as’a suprise
I’ve seen you dancing like a star
No matter how different we are
For all this time
I’ve been loving you
Don’t even know your name
For just one night
No matter what they say
And feel I’m turning the page
And I feel the world is a stage
I don’t think the drama will stop
I don’t think they’ll give up the rage
But I know the world could be great
I can love you more then they will blame
Doesn’t matter who they will blame
We can beat them at their own game