Heart Of Steel Chords - Manowar

Heart Of  Steel (Manowar)                                              
                           tabbed by William Blake

build a fire of thousand miles away
G                               Am
to light my long way home
I ride the comets my trial is long to stay
 G                                  Am
Silence is a heavy stone
   C                  D               Am
 I fight the world and take all they can give
    C                                 G                  Am
 there are times my heart hangs low   
   C                           D                         Am   
 Born to walk against the wind born to hear my name
   C                           G                          Am
 No matter where i stand i 'm all alone

 Em                  C       D                    G       
Stand and fight live by your heart
  Am                           C
Always one more try 
      G                         D
I'm not afraid to die
 Am                  C      D                    G
Stand and fight say what you feel
   Am      Bm        C            B                              C   D
Born  with a heart of steel

 A5                                           F5
Burns the bridge behind you
Leave no retreat
There's only one way home
A5                                                     F5
Those who laugh and crowd the pat

And cut each other's throats
        G5                        A5
Will fall like melting snow
 C5            D5      
And they will kneel
And know this heat of steel
    C5                    G5                    A5
..was.. to hard to break to hard to hold