Versuri Marduk - Accuser / Opposer

Album: Marduk - Rom 5:12

(Exo ciso tei e mondes sime spiritus,
Omnes incursio adversari,
Omne phantasma omnis legio,
In nomine domini nostui,
E radicale e defungare ad... ?
Epse tibi diferat quitede supernus...)

Accuser, accuser,
Exhaustless fountain of poison divine,
I ate of Death to cleanse my flesh of God
To make me thy entrance to the veins of the world,

Now as we turn to seek thy face,
Pour down on us thy redeeming wrath,
For you will ascend into heaven,
And will exalt thy throne above God,
And you will sit also upon the Mount of the Congregation,
In the sides of North,

And you will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
And will be like the Most High,
Yet where you brought down to the sides of the pit,
Which we now must merge with the skies.

Opposer, opposer,
Core, marrow and essence of my Will,
I renounce this flesh in the name of thy praise,
To kindle the coals of Salvations spring.
I drank of hell to cleanse my soul of God,
To reach the light in which thou dwellest,

Adversary, adversary,
Glorious slenderer and everythings adversary.
Whose blade alone split the tongues of the world,
Yet shall the highest of truths mark thy crown,
Now as we turn to seek thy face,
Pour down on us thy redeeming wrath.

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