Versuri Marduk - Beyond The Grace Of God

Album: Marduk - Live In Germania

Where I walk everything appears in grey
And under my shadow the flowers whither
I have drunk the blood of Jesus and my reflection is just a shadow
As a bat or a wolf I travel and the rats tell about my arrival

Singe este viata

I'm a slave under my eternal hunger
My perpetual lust for the blood that I need
I am the abomination
Satan's earthly breed

Moarte calatoreste repede

As mist released from a sarcophagus I call
Of funerals and you, I shall embrace

On my wings through the darkness I fly
As the king of the night sky
Invisible I haunt the night and my cold breath is all you can feel

I the wanderer in the utter darkness
The dweller in the shadow of the horned one

I have raised from death but left my soul in the sulfur fire
And far beyond the grace of god I am
Loosen all hope you who confronts me

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