Marilyn Manson a lansat clipul piesei "We Know Where You F*****g Live"

de Elena Paraschiv

Marilyn Manson a lansat clipul piesei

Controversatul artist va lansa al 10-lea sau material discografic, "Heaven Upside Down", pe 6 octombrie.

"We Know Where You f*****g Live" este prima piesa extrasa de pe acest album, iar acum beneficiaza si de un clip.

Despre clip Marilyn Manson a declarat: "The video, I watched last night with someone I've known for a very long time. The look on her face was very confusing because I couldn't tell if she was going to cry or not. She said, 'I'm worried that you're going to get killed or that every girl is going to want to f**k you.' I said, 'That's exactly what I was trying to accomplish.'"

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