Marilyn Manson revine cu o piesa noua, 'KILL4ME'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Marilyn Manson revine cu o piesa noua, 'KILL4ME'

Noul album semnat Marilyn Manson se va numi 'Heaven Upside Down', iar dupa ce artistul a lansat 'We Know Where You f*****g Live', acum vine cu o noua piesa.Este vorba de 'KILL4ME' pe care o puteti asculta mai jos.

Iat ce a declarat Manson despre acest nou track:

"Some might say ‘Would you kill for me?’ is a question. It’s more of a veiled threat than a question. It’s an ultimatum, I think. I don’t like songs to generally ask questions because it seems not as certain as I feel that I am. I like to tell people this is how I feel, and I might want them to ask questions from it, but I’m not gonna ask the question. It’s like a letter, like someone’s gonna respond to it."

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