Versuri Martyr - Dead Horizon Part I - Echoes of the Unseen

Album: Martyr - Feeding The Abscess

[Music - Martin Carbonneau, Dan Mongrain, Collaboration - Patrice Hamelin, Lyrics: Phillipe Papirakis]

-Empty, macabre, a puppet to -
-Reason, dancing with the filaments -
-Of rage, empty, Macabre, -
-Condemned for treason, dying -
-For the passing of an age -.

Time, Since, Sleep, Mind,
Mouth, Eyes, Sound, Waves, Rest
Rise the falling moon
A dead horizon

Cells, Rot, Shells, Shock,
Self, Rage, Truth, Stale, Slave
No need to fear, Eyes tightly shut

Stare from the looking glass
The dead grinning wide
Forgetting you are blind

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