Versuri Martyr - Dead Horizon Part II - Romancing Ghouls

Album: Martyr - Feeding The Abscess

[Music: Francois Mongrain, Collaboration: Dan Mongrain, Lyrics: Phillipe Papirakis]

No shadows sail these seas
No specter roams these shores

Suppressed memories
Of a past aeon
Suspended in stasis field
Of coma

Black wings beat
Instead of a heart
Provoking howling winds
To stir up the maggots
In the steepled jowls
Of romancing ghouls
Screaming to deadened skies
Where Armageddon fell
And blared a last farewell

An inkling to blink
Breath is choked out
Smothered in basest black

[Lead: Martin Carbonneau]

Fear, Scythed
Gouged out the eyes
Unable to see outside schemes
Of absolution

Self-sacrament without a savior
Spoken in tongues
Forking in treachery