Versuri Martyr - Deserted Waters

Album: Martyr - Warp Zone

[Music: Daniel Mongrain]
[Lyrics: Francois Mongrain]

"A deep introspection might be required ..."

Acid rain can't dissolve
The stains which were left by the flood of tears
Foaming sea of rage can't erode
This heart of stone frozen by fear

Frail skiff !
Without a course already traced
Drowning with haste !
Frail skiff without a crew
Sinking to my rescue !

Lighthouses can't be seen
Fog-horns can't be heard
Deserted waters
By the tiny frail skiff
Diving at its own risk
Deserted waters
Leaving the anchor behind
Adrift goes my mind
Deserted waters
Scattered slowly, agonizing
Time kills time

The skiff ran onto
The reef of my memory
Hoisting the yellow flag
I stem the tide of my past

In this imminent wreckage
I despair for salvation
Am I destined to an unconscious scuttling ?
My soul now a soaked up desert land

[Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron]
[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]
[Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron]
[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]

Pulled out from my deepest torments
Submerged in my own torrents
Lurking in my own wake
I am my own stowaway