Versuri Martyr - Realms Of Reverie

Album: Martyr - Warp Zone

[Music: Daniel Mongrain]
[Lyrics: Part I: Daniel Mongrain]
[Lyrics: Part II: Francois Mongrain]

"Aspiring to the state of human ideal
which lies somewhere between
the dream mind and the subconscious mind."

[Part I:]
I am the eye that watches
The masses from a distance
Their movements trouble me
And makes me ill at ease
Jealous, frightened, motionless
Interaction paralyzes me
Fleeing the predator's enticing gaze
I have become the prey

[Lead: Francois Mongrain]

[Part II:]
Far in the distance
Another Utopia's rising
The future is recovering
From its passed fall from grace
A stone's throw from the source
Of truth and life I am dying
And this virgin oasis
Fears the day when it will run dry
Far in the distance, I see
Don't leave
Delusory dreams
Let me through

[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]
[Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron]

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