Versuri Martyr - Retry? Abort? Ignore?

Album: Martyr - Warp Zone

[Music: Francois Mongrain (Collaboration: Daniel Mongrain)]
[Lyrics: Francois Mongrain]

"....System overload ... Prepare to disinfect your soul."

Parasites intrusions
Virulent Infections
Abnormal reactions
Fatal error, Disconnection

Overwriting process
Formating in progress
Deleting the data
Neuron after neuron

Retry? Abort? Ignore? [2x]

Rebuild, restore the life I hacked
Reboot, Restart the life I asked

Remove the crust
Remove the rust
Remove the mask
Forget the past

[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]

Remove the mask, Remove the dust, Forget the past
Ravaged is the cortex
Panicked and distressed
Instinctive reflex
Sudden urge to forget

Illegal operations
Illogical solutions
Existential problems
Shutting down the system