Versuri Martyr - Warp Zone

Album: Martyr - Warp Zone

[Music: Daniel Mongrain & Pier-Luc Lampron]
[Lyrics: Francois Mongrain]

"Drown deep into your soul..."

Suffering screams fading away
Buried are the scars of agony
Forgotten decades of drying tears
Still, I'm unceasingly dying

Under the staring eyes of the outraged
I leave for a higher level of existence
Hope for a translucid conscience
Obsesses my ignorance

No more demons to exorcise
Never will they materialize
There's just one wish that I implore for
But I can't afford it anymore.

I loathe your realm of glory and fame
In a world so restrained, life's a pity
I leave this world without regrets
Without the pain, I should forget

Warp zone

[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]

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