Darkness Between The Fireflies Chords - Mason Jennings

What up?
This is my first posting of a tab, but have transcribed songs other than this particular
one.  I just figured I do some Mason fans a favor cuz his tabs are hard to find.  Enjoy!

*Tune down 1/2 step to Eb*
/= palm mute

Verse 1  ---   Am G C C /  Am G C E  (beat 1 2 / /)

I woke up before you in the total darkness, early morning

I could hear the wind in the trees

I was looking for the light to bring you out from the shadows

Redefine you now for only me


Honey I'm sure that you've been in love before

Plenty of men have held high places in your eye

And jealousy has got no use for me
The past is beautiful like darkness between the fireflies

Verse 2

I was drivin faster through the appalacians, I could see

The world go out before me in the sun

You should know by now that someones always been there, long before you

Your never going to be the only one

                          1st time         2nd ending 
       2X             C   Am      G         @ break ( 1 ) G  C
I---0--x--x--- I-----0----0--l------2-I
I---0--x--x--- I-----0----2--l-----0--I
I--2---3--3--- I----2----2---l----0---I
I-x----x--x--- I---x----x----l--3-----I

The first time throught the chorus play G ringing out the B and E strings.  the second
time play G and C inplace of the G in the first measure.  
Listin to recording and you'll understand what im sayin. Also listen to recording for
exact rhythm, its easy to pick up.  Its 4:20 in the morning and im tired.... so bye

email me @  guitaroman83@yahoo.com if you have any questions or comments or if you have
any other Mason tabs you would like to share. Goodnite !

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