Versuri MASSACRA - Lack Of Talk

Album: MASSACRA - Sick

Express your sorrow, so much pain inside
You got to leave now, unreal life no more
Supress your instinct, too much hate inside
Didn't you say they loved you,
There's nothing left for you

It makes your bleed, excess of misery
Disgusted with life, just lack of talk
Lack of truth
Silence kills, it's killing you
Depressing state bringing you down
Look at your friends, they stayed away
Look at their minds, do what you say

[Chorus :]
When you feel no pleasure anymore
Grief and pain are knocking down the door
Heaven is being dead
Shall you do as you said
On the road to lust and misery
Violent end or endless agony
Can't you hear we call your name
It's driving you insane

Does everybody need someone to blame
Tell me who I've got to be then
I don't feel the need to live anymore
Who shall I give my last cry for

Time to remember, time to let em know
The meaning of distress
That's why you're dying for
Crying out with pain, suffering silently
So much sadness in your eyes
Will make you give in to your tears

It makes your bleed, excess of misery
Disguted with life, just lack of talk
Lack of truth

Empty spaces, dirty spaces
Wishing you were blind
Against all of what they say
No matter what they care

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