Versuri MASSACRA - Need For Greed

Album: MASSACRA - Humanize Human

A new breed of people heading for disaster
Dreams are just ill advised,
The peace of mind is over
Of their stupidity, they're making a success
Planet insanity so treu we are the witness
Hiding my own feelings makes me accessorie
Thinking I can change the wave
They're really fooling me
Don't know the reason why,
I should give it a try
Insane and free, this is what I should be

A new range of fighters,
Going through life in blinkers
Divinly self centred and usually so stupid
Do or die attitude,
Looking for something more
Mentally so upset and hysterically done for
Freedom for care make them stronger,
And it's the absolute
Everything's in confusion, under an illusion
Man was born to listen,
That remains to be seen
Social climber, envy comes from within

I see it everyday
Damage caused by your foolishness
I feel it day by day
Emotion just left me speachless
Your twisted personality
Senseless is your reality
The choice, the choice is made
Insane and free this is what I will be

With tears in your eyes
Eat them and you will feel
The need to bleed
I read between your lies
Join them and you will feel
The need for greed

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