Versuri MASSACRA - Ordinary People

Album: MASSACRA - Sick

Some more children will be abused
In my city or yours
Today a child grows up in love
Below me right above
Once again a future mother
Will have an abortion

Every second or so, a woman is beaten
Here next to me, or in the neighborhood maybe
Every minute I know, two people tie the knot
Anywhere, anytime, in your country or mine

Tonight a feast will be given
By the right kind of people
Just now some youngsters are starving
On the wrong side of the tracks
Two brothers leave each other
Without saying a word
True enemies false friends will meet
Screaming for happiness

[Chorus :]
Without warning, here overthere anywhere
It may happen, to you to me it we can see
Here next to me, or in the neighboorhood maybe

Another fool preaching for peace
Talking to a brick wall
New nations witness the madness
Since the beginning of time

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