Versuri MASSACRA - Signs Of The Decline

Album: MASSACRA - Signs Of The Decline

[Lyrics : Pascal Jorgensen / Chris Palengat]

Unceasing deforestation
Atmospheric desintegration
Excessive proliferation
Parastic civilization

Chemical factories, industries of death
Nuclear waste, noxious gas, pesticide
Destruction of the seas, disintegration of the ground
Ecological disaster

Air pollution, slow contamination
And acid rains, corrosive death

The green house effect
And the ozone depletion
Threaten life with extinction

Sign of the times
See the hardbingers of doom
The die is cast
See the digns of the decline

Politicians, governmental assholes
Obsessed by money and by their power
Greediness, reflection of their minds
Stupidity of the human race

Now you see the consequences
Irradiation, malformations, food piosoning
Breathing and skin disease
Multiple cancers, psychological troubles

Day by day
Irreparable for centuries to come
The die is cast
See the signs of the decline

You must pay
Irreversible process
Was it the price of progress

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