Versuri MASSACRA - Twisted Mind

Album: MASSACRA - Sick

I'm what you've been expecting
Come to my society
You'll find in me, what you'll looking for
Ever searching for
You can get there love and more
New state of mind
Put your faith in what I say
Rely on me, give all away
I want your trust, you need my god
I will make you stronger

[Chorus :]
He's a fake, it's staring you in the face
He's a teacher, who shifts on you
Don't let him be a part of you
You're so blind, twisted blind

I'm the preacher, who's selling dreams
Who knows what tomorrow may bring
You trusting soul, pay for my church
Like a sucker
Anything from you is mine
No promise land
Poor thing you sell your soul to me
You've no one to blame but yourself
I've what I need, it does me good
You will make me richer

You made a big mistake
Anything from you is dead
You gave all you've got to me
Everything from you is gone
Don't lay your errors on me
Sounds too easy
Did you come into your own
You're so alone

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