Versuri Massacration - The Big Heavy Metal

Album: Massacration - Good Blood Headbanguers

Hey you
The party is tonight
Come on all together

Hey you
the day of metal
Commemoration forever

Will have soda
Candys and salgates
In the international heavy metal day

Come to the places where the metal is king
Here the sound is heavy
Is not like B.B. King

Hey you
The day of metal
Commemoration forever

Hey you
Meu chuchu
This is heavy metal

Don't bring father don't bring mama
This is not the house of mother Joana
Spikes, black leather is the power of steel
Who don't like heavy metal
vai pra puta que pariu

The Big Heavy Metal

É big, é big, é big é big é big
É hora, é hora, é hora é hora é hora