Versuri Master - Return To Vietnam

Album: Master - Faith Is In Season

Their killing for ideals, to build your perfect world,
Their marching toward their death, with the flag unfurled
Support the national pride, to reach their ignorant goals
Their fighting to survive, the fight for all control
Step into seclusion, hide beneathe the brush,
It's the code of honor, nothing to discuss
Your fates in the hands of those who pull your strings
Are they drunk with power, or lonely human beings
Mesmerize the chosen, critisize desertion,
Publicize the moment, just coersion
Soldiers fill the streets, they're marching off to war,
In the Bosnian freeze, a massage to explore

Old men make mistakes and soon the young men pay
Sacrifice the day with their lives Return to Vietnam, the parallel is the same
The object is to win or lose this deadly game

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