Versuri Masterplan - Under The Moon

Album: Masterplan - Time To Be King

Surrender to the broken heart
Find inspiration in the deepest dark
The magic night can make us disappear
Just take the dream and sail away from fear
Feeling cold and lonely
You are not the only one
You can rise from the blue
Hear me sing my song to you

Under the mmon breathing
Staring the starlight dreaming

Giving in to your haunted mind
With the madness you're running blind
I see torture behind the smiling...oh!
Like gasolin to a dying flame
You need fire to burn your pain away from sadness
And the crying rain
And the road is winding
Hope is hiding - Yeah
This is the garden of the broken
So many twisted worlds have been spoken
True or fake who is the evil snake

Under the mmon breathing
Staring the starlight dreaming
I'm dreaming

Lifting chains from a young man's heart
Every season is a brand new start
We got to believe it and choose to receive it
Inside my bleeding heaven
I still remember when I was seven
Collecting coins in my wishing well
I only had my soul to sell

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