Unwell Acoustic Chords - Matchbox 20

This is my very simplified version of Matchbox 20's "UNWELL"
It may look a bit different than some of the others because I 
transcribed it for solo acoustic guitar (many guitars were used 
in the original recording). This version's limited to 5-chords.
Feel free to use variations and extensions of these chords.
Questions/comments etc . . . ianvomsaal@cs.com
thanks - Ian C.T. vom Saal
Matchbox 20 - Unwell
Capo-2nd fret

[Intro]  G - Cadd9 - Em7 - D (2X)

[Cadd9]All [D]Day,  [G]starin' at the [Em7]ceilin'
makin' [Cadd9] friends with [D]shadows on my [Em7]wall.
[Cadd9]All [D]night,  [G]hearin' voices [Em7]tellin'
me that [Cadd9]I should get some sleep because 
[D] tomorrow might be good for somethin'

[Bm7]Hold [Cadd9]on,  [G]feelin' like I'm [D]headed for a
[Bm7]break [Cadd9]down,  and [G]I don't know [D]why.

But [G]I'm not crazy I'm just a little un[Cadd9]well, 
I know right now you can't tell 
[Em7]but stay a while and maybe then you'll [D]see 
a different side of me
[G]I'm not crazy I'm just a little im[Cadd9]paired
I know right now you don't care
[Em7]but soon enough you're gonna think of [D]me
and how I use to be

[Cadd9]  [D]Me I'm [G]talkin' to [Em7]myself in public
[Cadd9]dodgin' [D]glances on the [Em7]train
[Cadd9]And I [D]know  [G]I know they've all been 
[Em7]talkin' 'bout me 
[Cadd9]I can hear them whisper
and it [D]makes me think there must be somethin' wrong  

[Bm7]With [Cadd9]me, [G]out of all the [D]hours thinkin' 
[Bm7]some[Cadd9]how  [G]I've lost my [D]mind


[Cadd9]   [Em7]I've been talkin' in my [Cadd9]sleep
[Em7] pretty soon they'll come to [Cadd9]get me
[Em7] yeah they're takin' me [D]away


[G]  [Cadd9]hey how I used to [Em7]be yeah  
[D]  How I use to [G]be yeah
[Cadd9]Well I'm just a little [Em7]unwell
[D]  How I used to [G]be (I'm just a little [Cadd9]unwell)
How I used to [Em7]be   [D]I'm just a little un[G]well
(I'm just a  little [Cadd9]unwell)  (((FADE)))

Cadd9 - x32033 
D - x00232 (or inversion - 200230)
G - 320033
Em7 - 022033
Bm7 - x24232 (or you can play a Bm - x24432)