Ancient Lullaby Chords - Matisyahu

Artist: Matisyahu
Song: Ancient Lullaby
Album: Youth

F           Bb
Mist rising on the horizon
F                          C
Listenin with my ears and listenin with my eyes and
Dm                                   Am
Listenin until we've ridden the mud from the parasite
Bb                                         C
Listenin until our hearts start to glisten, realize
F                                         Bb
Share the vision and my rhythms and we'll melt the ice
F                                          C
Start sizzlin, spilling from the ceiling, bread dripping drizzling
Dm                              Am
Close to the broken-heart, them crushed in spirit
  Bb                    C
Redeem the soul of your servant seek his, pursue it
F                        Bb
Keep the sparkle in your eyes
Oh you know, we're not gon die, like flyin
     C                              Dm
Soul times for the times when we'll stay unified
    Am                        Bb                           C
The eyes of Hashem are to the righteous and he hears their


F  Bb   F Bb F  Bb                F       Bb
   Soul cry,      like an ancient lullaby
F    Bb   F   Bb                 F        Bb F Bb
Soul cry,        like an ancient lullaby

  F                             Bb
Jerusalem breathes, bringin me ease from the Brooklyn squeeze,
F                            C
Dirty boppin and a bring ya down to ya knees
Dm                    Am
Track ya like a lion, leave me be
          Bb                                 C      
When they come with their disease to drag us into the street,
   F                           Bb
My law's still pure, you can't take that from me,
F                     C
3000 years until this last century,
  Dm                    Am                   Bb  C
Impossible to break the seal of the High Priest,
              F                          Bb                   
Yo, I say the branches on the trees them bow to these
Swaying to the melodies, 
C                                 Dm
Craving for the slaves to bring redemption please
I am you, you are me
        Bb                                 C
No more leaders, we must flea ,We want see God in our enemy