Flesh And Bone Chords - Matt Maher

Capo 3

  Am              C                          G
I met a man who walked on water
And wore His crown like a blue collar
I met a man who welcomed children
Like they were ambassadors to a kingdom

If I saw the world in Your eyes
                  G          D/F#  Em
Would it help me understand
How You see through all our lies
Still You hold us in Your hand
I'm dying to believe
I'm trying just to show
That we're less than perfect
                                     C               G
More than flesh and bone

People climbing trees to catch sight of You
Broken and blind looking for the truth
We're crippled by our fears and torments
Oh, Son of man, have pity on Your servants

Em                    Am 
I wander and I want
Squander the riches of Your love
      G        D/F#          Em
It's never enough for me
Em                          Am
Oh, take this poverty
And nail it to the tree
Am     C
And let all that's captive now go free
I'm free

(repeat chorus)