Set Me As A Seal Chords - Matt Maher

I think this is about right but some chords may be a tad off. Its for the version with 
and a woman singing aswell. She does the harmony for the chorus and goes first in each 
but i dont know who she is.

Set me as a seal on your heart.

BmG        A
Set me as a seal on your soul.

For strong as death is love,

Bm         G
unyielding as the grave.

G   A     Bm    A
Nothing will quench its flame,

nothing will quench its flame.


G       D              A
Kiss me, my love,

       Bm    G     D         A
that your name be on my lips.

   C             G          Fm      Bm
You intoxicate my being
                 G              D                G

with the fragrance of your presence.

G     D    A           Bm
How beautiful you are, my darling.

Show me your face, let me hear your voice.

CG      Fm      Bm
Sweet as the dew in the early morn,

           GD  G
like a lily among the thorns.


    GD         A                   Bm
I looked for you, the one my heart loves.

       G         DA
I looked for you, but did not find you.

I searched through the night until I rested in your sight.

        G       D          G
Now, I will never let you go.

     G            D              A                  Bm
You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride;

     G            D                       A
you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes.

C     G       FmBm
Your lips so sweet, adorned with honey.

G               D                       G
My hands, they drip with myrrh.