Versuri MAUDLIN OF THE WELL - The Ocean, The Kingdom, and The Temptation

Album: MAUDLIN OF THE WELL - My Fruit PsychoBells...A Seed Combustible

The rolling tide of a sea gone mad whispers in its undine seductive lullabye. And I want the Lady Sea's moist hands to cover
me. The kingdom, and its watery shades of most alluring blue invite me in aquatic dreams to sleep inside her mighty womb. The dry
lungs of death shall burst in the misty depths, shadowed. As I fall below the light of sun and the drudgery of mankind's sins.
The sea, it calls unending to me. My sleep is hindered. The poisonous air in a suffering world is too great a burden to be had by
me. The crushing weight of maddening stage, the only delights in the arms of sin, and my will to live is weakening.
The sea nymphs glide through courseless heaven, drawing me through to the formless might and splendour of castles glistening,
the temples 'neath the churning waves that ever haunt my dreams. I bade farewell to the sun and stars and the wind that calls in
vernal song. For off I go to the land below, and pray the liquid fills me more than the air I so reluctantly share. Off to the
kingdom that's flooded my dreams and has been reflected in my saddened tears.

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