Versuri May Result - Coldwinds Dominion (Son Of Stribog)

Album: May Result - Tmina


Where Cold Winds Blow Forever
Their Screams towards The Frozen Sun
Slowly Dying in it's silent Tomb
Behind The Horizon of Flame-Red Clouds
The Lonley Trees Reveal Their Wisdom

Meaning Forged Through Times Creation
Carried By This Realm of Token
Alas, Now I Know Life's True Meaning
I've come to an end of Inevitable Journey
I Grieve Not for Natures Endless Circle
It Brings The Purest Essence to my Knowledge

Meaning Lost Through Times Creation
Carried By This Realm of Token

For I Am One with The Flickering Stars
Naked as a Life Newborn

Where The Cold Winds Blow
I Left My Ashes Covered By Snow
My Soul Reborn and Strong
To Father Stribog I now Belong

I Hear The Gospel of Abandoned Mountains
Through Vastiness I Wander Free
I Feel The Endless Cry of Crystal Rivers
And I have heard Tranquility Speak
When i have Sunk with The Coldest Wind
That Called for my Presence

I Saw The Agonies of Tormented Plains
So I Caressed Them with my touch
When I Have Sunk with The Oldest Wind
Shall I Outlive Eternity
That Called for my Presence
To The Coldwind Dominion