Versuri May Result - Slava To Our Horns In Blood

Album: May Result - U Slavu Rogova Nasih

Open Wide The Gates
Oh,we've been waiting
for a long time...unleashed
through the pillars of Navia
Ride towards our conquest
For our heathendome,Slavia!

Forlorn,on the whirlwinds
so devastating and shapless
Neglected within boundaries
Of an Ancestral mist...Timless!

Slava to our horns in blood
Pagan rituals will never part
Slava to our horns in blood
ever-burning flames of my heart

Oh,bow down for us
we are the things to come
oh,worship us
for we are the horned ones

Slava to our horns in blood....

Christian scapegoats
weak at souless heart
embrace the demice
that your own god brought

Forgotten ,you shall be
in an ashes of a decayed era
putrid stench of rusted cross
in an already dugg-out tomb

Endless,flagellation of christ
to witness sons of slaves
the fall of god's
kingdom to the grave
we stabbed the knife into his rebs!