Mayhem a lansat o piesa noua, 'Falsified And Hated'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Mayhem a lansat o piesa noua, 'Falsified And Hated'

Pe 25 Octombrie Mayhem va lansa un nou material descografic intitulat 'Daemon'.

De pe acest viitor album formatia a lansat o noua piesa intitulata 'Falsified And Hated'

Iata ce a declarat Teloch: "I think this album will be most pleasing for old and new fans. As most of our devoted fans know, MAYHEM has never released two albums that sound the same. That's the case this time around as well. As I said, we simplified stuff, but at the same time tried out some new stuff to keep it interesting for ourselves and, also for our fans that dig that we are doing something new on each album."

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