Versuri Mayhem - Dark Night Of The Soul

Album: Mayhem - Chimera

Caress the deceitful snake, The one who speaks in tongues
Of all my devastating truths, Collect the power of my dreams
Cast by the devious fire demons, A thousand whorish tongues
A fiendish lust a hallow trust.

In Black Death, salute the visions, Mayhem of living, infected blood.
In this, dark night of the soul!!

I close my eyes to the world, Kiss my skinless corpus,
Make me revel in your weak souls, Make me feast on your nightmares.


Death's heads enshrined in my head, I deal exclusively in mysterious pain
I seal the orbits of misanthropy.

The mystical blood runs tonight, Gifting through your inner thighs,
A moment of inconceivable lust.

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