Versuri MECHANICAL POET - Strayed Mopper (Live)

Album: MECHANICAL POET - Who Did It To Michelle Waters?

[Volume I: The Album ends]

Unending brakes
All things around creep and fly
The sun awakes
Eroding the black of morning sky
I feel its pounce on my back
So gruesome!
I need to find the very track
That leads to home!

Strayed! I'm lost again
Inside the backwoods of the sylvan maze
I failed! It's all in vain
I guess I'll never find my own trace
My chest is melting in a squeeze
My noodle is to bloat
The foul stench of strawberries
Incinerates my throat

My lovely vaults
With mossy walls of soggy stones
Droll somersaults
Of tasty worms in mellow bones

The shady barrows where I grew
Among the angels set in cry
I want to get me there anew!
Before I mummify!

Flowers... The life is everywhere
No any rotten dainty To fare
Hours... Are melting thick and fast
I need to get me out of here [to get me out of here] at last!

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