Megadeth a inregistrat un cover al piesei "Delivering The Goods" de la Judas Priest

de Cristi Nedelcu

Megadeth a inregistrat un cover al piesei

Megadeth a inregistrat un cover al piesei „Delivering The Goods” de la Judas Priest. Liderul MEGADETH, Dave Mustaine, a fost invitatul principal la emisiunea BBC „The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker” in timpul segmentului „Rock God”. Dave l-a ales pe chitaristul de la Judas Priest Glenn Tipton si a declarat despre alegerea sa: „I had no idea how much Glenn Tipton and JUDAS PRIEST had influenced my guitar playing until I recently covered 'Delivering The Goods' with my band MEGADETH and got to go over all those guitar riffs again. It was really revealing to me how much Glenn's playing had influenced me."

El a continuat: „Where did I first hear about JUDAS PRIEST? I can't remember exactly — I think it was my brother-in-law's little brother. But I did get my own copy of 'Sad Wings Of Destiny'. And I remember when I was living with my mom and we moved in with my middle sister — I have three older sisters — and she was married to a police officer that was the chief of police in a city called Stanton in California in the United States. And he walked into his house and heard PRIEST blaring in the bedroom I was sharing with their son. That was the first time I ever stood up for metal. And when he stomped out, you know what I did? I put the record back on."

Mustaine a dezvaluit initial ca MEGADETH a inregistrat un cover JUDAS PRIEST pentru un proiect Amazon inca nedezvaluit in timpul unui interviu luna trecuta cu Meltdown of the Detroit's WRIF radio station. In ceea ce priveste modul in care el si colegii sai de trupa au abordat inregistrarea piesei, liderul MEGADETH a spus: „We went and listened to the song and charted out the performance. And going into that kind of micromanaging of the song, that minutiae production, we started to see a lot of things in the song where it seemed like there was no guide for the song. So we did everything the way that we do our recordings. And I believe it got a little more straightforward with the riffing and everything. "

In urma cu cativa ani, Mustaine a ales „Sad Wings Of Destiny” al lui JUDAS PRIEST drept unul dintre albumele care i-au schimbat viata. El a spus: „When it comes to classic heavy metal, JUDAS PRIEST's 'Sad Wings Of Destiny' is definitely one of the all-time great opuses. Hearing Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing's unison guitar playing and hearing Rob Halford let rip … Who sings like that? Nobody. I was so entranced by that band and everything about them, that I went to a hat store and bought a Fedora because Glenn Tipton was wearing one on the back of 'Sad Wings…' I have curly hair so hats don't stay on so well. It didn't last very long."

Noul album MEGADETH, „The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!”, a fost lansat pe 2 septembrie prin intermediul Universal Music si reprezinta el de-al saisprezecelea album al trupei..Albumul a stat in productie 2 ani si a fost realizat de Mustaine and Chris Rakestraw.

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