Versuri Mekanik Sef - Electrorock

Album: Mekanik Sef - Mechanical War

Electro  rock

Come on, come on                      
to the freaking show                    
It's rock'n roll                               
and something more                   

Bang your heads                          
to the noisy sound                       
that's electro rock                        
from underground                       

The band is on stage                   
turn of the light                            
and you'll feel the power             
of the mighty Rock                       

Pounding your ears                     
with thousands of watts              
brings tears to your eyes
It will kick your a*s

Celebrating music
we salute the fans
Rock music forever
will get you in a trance

It will free your spirit
It will free your mind
and will add some color
to your boring life

Rock'n roll, rock forever
Rock'n roll, electro shock
Rock'n roll, rock forever
Rock'n roll, electro rock

Electro rock, electro shock
It's rock'n roll, electro shock.

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