Versuri Mekanik Sef - Immortal beauty

Album: Mekanik Sef - Mechanical War

Immortal beauty

Hey you! don't hide from me                 
I'd like so much to hear your name       
help me to understand                            
the secret of this game                           

Hey you! don't play with me                   
there is no chance to run away              
nothing will change my mind                 
to find out where you stay                      

Why do you run away from me              
do you hide your face from me              
I don't know why                                      
please make me understand                  

Why don't you remove your veil            
and let me see your face                         
I would do anything                                 
if I could see your face                            

This is the second time                           
when I come to this secret place            
you know I came for you                         
not for another guest                               

You move with such a grace
 It drives me nuts almost insane
until I know your name
for me will be no rest

I’m not gonna let you go
I want you and you know
you play this game with me
this crazy fantasy

I feel how you look at me
don’t run and you will see
everything will make sense
If I could see your face

Follow me and you will see my world
of sweet temptations and mysteries
the poets and the artists too
will bow down to your knees

You’ll be my muse, my sin
my inspiration and my love
you’ll be immortalized
for centuries to come.

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