Versuri Mekanik Sef - On sale

Album: Mekanik Sef - Mechanical War

On sale

Standing in the line                            
to see what's new on sale                  
you almost have no clue                    
about what you became                     

You are consumed by greed             
and money thirst                                
why don't you realize                         
your soul is lost                                  

Strange mutants                                 
are walking on the streets                 
disguised as humans                         
but they are no human beings

Erotic pleasures
turn both women and men
that's f****d up It's insane

Consuming as much as you can
this is your way of life
and now I think you've lost  my friend
the true meaning of life

Commercials enslave yous mind
and pervert your soul
They try to catch you with their claws
and will never let you go

This is insane, your life's on sale
this is insane, your life's on sale
this is insane...

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