Versuri Mekanik Sef - Stranger

Album: Mekanik Sef - Mechanical War


Strange scary feelings            
invading your soul                   
nothing around you                  
make sense anymore               

You have no solution               
you find no escape                   
a cold frozen answer                
It’s all you can get                     

They treat you like s**t
And you know that's unfair
Because you're a stranger
This is your faith

You are a stranger
you are a danger
you are a stranger
and I'm afraid of you

I am a stranger
I am a danger
I am a stranger
and I'm afraid of you

You've been so naïve
to trust everyone
you have no connections
they ain't got the time

You don't speak their language
you try to survive
It’s like in the jungle
where you fight for your life.

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