Versuri Mekong Delta - Ever Since Time Began

Album: Mekong Delta - The Principle Of Doubt

Way back in ancient days
I took the shape of a golden idol
They knelt in front on me
Worshipped me prayed to me
I saw the greed in their eyes

Longing - fame and fortune
Yearning - wine and women
Craving - gold and happiness
Demanding - eternal life

Ever since time began
I have been the curse of men
I saw them burning down
Cities and countries
They killed millions of men
To please me, to calm me down
I saw the greed in their eyes

I've been around for so long
Their faith and devotion make me strong

They've prayed at my altar
With heads bowed real low
And I've been around
Wherever they go
Wherever they go
Until the end
The end of time
There's no escape

How I like your
Ever since time began