Versuri Mekong Delta - No Friend Of Mine

Album: Mekong Delta - The Principle Of Doubt

Light turned low
Curtains let down
Ain't no one else in sight
Waiting for you
Just for you
Four walls get closer every day

We have been friends for so long
And no one will ever know
Like the Phoenix from the ashes
You come to haunt my dreams
And I think I know
You'll never let me go
You'll never let me go
You're a part of me
You belong to me

You know my secrets
All my emotions
Nothing I can hide
We'll stay together
Cause we can't stay apart
Though I know someday we're through

Now you've gone too far
Now you've grown too strong
The ceiling is caving in
You've been here for much too long
Dark walls all around I see
Getting closer, closer to me

Won't let you go -
I got a split-up mind

Can't let you go
Ooh, you drive me insane

Won't let you go -
Please, please let me go

Can't let you go
Cause you're killing me

Won't let you go -
Why do you do that to me

Can't let you go
Why don't you set me free

Won't let you go -
I'm paralyzed in my bed

Can't let you go
Pain's creeping right through my head

Won't let you go -
Why don't you leave me be
Can't let you go
You are the death of me
Split personality

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