Versuri Mekong Delta - Rules Of Corruption

Album: Mekong Delta - Lurking Fear

System of corruption
established by the fear.
Build up out of blindness
of human naivety

Rising of the totalitarianism

First - they will take your mind
fill it up with lies.
Then possess your life
by your unawareness.

Depraved imbued with hate.

Structure of assumption,
allowed by ignorance.
Unreal mind obstruction,
as well passivity.

Parting from the freedom
sold as smart price.

Thoughts - coagulate to ice,
farewell to known life,
the final alteration.

Obey that
what they pray.

Frozen tears now,
we do all know.
Subdued by fear how
behave is right now.

Penetrate the reality
followed by a hazy fear.
They create insanity
all this gets the target near.

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