Versuri MELECHESH - Dragon's Legacy

Album: MELECHESH - Djinn

[Music: Ashmedi / Lyrics: Ashmedi]

As I sit in a trance like state
Streams of uncensored consciousness appear
Flooded by images before me
The prophecy realized...soon to be

I am the watcher
I have power
I see the slithering Serpent
In the foretold Dark Age I see
The greatness of the Dragon's Legacy

Millenniums have passed since the oracle begun
The great legacy shall never be gone

Into the night
The Serpent appears
Vanquished light
Screaming draws near
Forbidden Art shall forever rule
The worlds of saltwater, earth and the skies

"Suspended alone"
My trance goes on and on
I am one with the dragon of the night
See the dark justice
See the serpent reign supreme
See the people burn alive.

-Eastern Chaos-

[Lead: Moloch]
[Lead: Ashmedi]

Beautiful fire burn and burn
Fulfill my desire and my yearn

[Buzuq improvisation: Moloch]

"Six thousand years of hibernated power
lost through the sands of time
races became and races were gone
three of those maintained the secret
one brought the silver crescent
one brought the winged flame
and one brought the Dragon' Legacy"

As i sit in a trance like state
Forbidden knowledge becomes real
Flooded by images before me
Behold the ancient curse of the Dragon's Legacy

Can you hear the demon sounds?
Thedemons are dancing 'round and 'round

I have the power of the watcher the giver
I have crossed two mighty rivers
The prophecy soon to be
Behold the ancient curse
Of the Dragon's Legacy