Versuri Meliah Rage - Masquerade

Album: Meliah Rage - Masquerade

This Masquerade...doesn't tell you
My inside, frame of mind, or my truth
My won't let you see
My failures, my iniquities, or my hurt

Do I need a Savior? Do I need this Son?
Fires in the Heavens
They say are soon to come
Deliverance from The Mighty One
Can I find a home?
Many rooms have been prepared
Never thought, of one my own

Darkness...all surrounding
It smothers my very breath, I feel it's sting
Am I...just some puppet?
Among this crowd, I'm just a clown
Who is it that pulls my strings?

I need a Savior, I need the Son
Fires in the heavens, Rolling on and on
Deliverance from The Mighty
Bring me to your home
Many rooms have been prepared
Please Father may I have one?

Deliver Me, Deliver Me
From this masquerade, Oh God Deliver me
Deliver Me, Deliver Me
You told me who I am, and delivered me

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