Versuri MEPHISTOPHELES - From End To End

Album: MEPHISTOPHELES - Death Unveiled

Helpless bound to Earth am I and though
My will drowns in eternity
Unable to divert her heart from this divine intensity
Of what shall grow inside our souls
Doubt hath led me here
To conquer all her hidden dreams
The source of which she fears

Defender of eternity
Blood tells our history

Seed of Anti-Babylon an unborn angel's sin
Far beyond the truth she speaks
Thy words, and yet, therein I found
The bleeding wound which Thou hast once called home

That which grows inside must die
Interstellar Nemesis I praise Thy counterfeit
Whence came these dreams I learned to hate

A static war while I have changed
Whence Thou hast come Thou shalt be sent
To bow before our dark romance
And die before my eyes
Yet, sheltered by death-bringing hands
Kneelst Thou down in confidence
Breaking through my ignorance
For Thou shalt be the shadow
As I am the light!

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