Versuri MEPHISTOPHELES - Killing Conscious

Album: MEPHISTOPHELES - Modern Instinct's Purity

Rise high, yet falling down into the abyss of remembrance
Adoring grace I learned to hate
Consuming all her innocence
And the pain she learned to stand
As slave to my dominion
For vengeance is mine since I became divine

Whilst pride and lies disguise Thy guilt
In the silence of an angel's mind
Bereft of what now lies beyond
The tyrant's thousand burning eyes
I stand beneath eternity with Satan at my side

Still I feel no guilt
As the carcass of a tyrant,
Thy most seductive gift,
Arises by my will and thus
Nevermore shalt doubt her trust

Believing, yet not dying while
Empty words bring forth the silence

Master, that belongs to us since we where
Yearning for her sacred lust

Gifted with instinct:
Unity infects my mind
I curse the source of these emotions
Denying still to accept Thy crime as
Everlasting compromise

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