Versuri MERCENARY - Graveart

Album: MERCENARY - First Breath

without freedom

your heart is free now
have the courage to follow it
the Lord bless the and keeping thee
in defiance of tyranny
of tyranny

grant the Prima Nocte

they married in secrecy
to avoid theft, rape and murder
begging forgiveness from those
purified by pain
do you confess now
fighting with passion for freedom
behold the awful price of treason
setting an ambush at the grave art
of his lost love
so help me God

please help me on

yeah when the crime's committed
when defiance collided
we reigned in shame
for so g*****n long
yeah and when the time admits it
and the dying divided
we take the blame
so please help me on
please help me on

you've come to fight
as free men
and free men you are
they may take our lives
but they'll never take our

and our justice
the price of treason
held as hostage
that's like grave art

history repeats itself
it has to be continued...

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