Versuri MERCENARY - Rescue Me

Album: MERCENARY - EverBlack

[Music: Jakob]

And now, you remind me
Of the life, we used to live
It stings, just like jealosy
Is it love, in disguise
When we started to drift away
From the perfect past we had
And you wanted to play the game
Of my bittersweet feelings...

(The feelings were so bittersweet)

Don't let me go
My onle love is leaving

Won't you rescue me?
You're my soul companion
Love is what we make it
I could never feel

What I feel right now
And you feeling the same way too?
And dream, what I dreamt back then
I'm forever blackening...

(Becoming black forever)

Won't you rescue me?
Broken heart is bleeding
Love is what we make it
I could never...
Break it...

But still I did
And you cannot blame me

And still, this is my honesty
As I always wanted to be

Why do I feel so bittersweet?
The distance, killing me
In time, when we grow older
May life smile upon you dear
My heart would never surely be colder
Going through the years in tears...

(Cold heart is bleeding
Turns tears to dust)

My onle love is leaving
We will be forgiven
My broken heart is bleeding
We will be forgiven...

Don't you rescue me
I found my real salvation
Don't you rescue me
She's my true temptation
Don't you rescue me...