Versuri MERCENARY - Soul Decision

Album: MERCENARY - The Hours That Remain

Nice of you to see me
Good of you to greet me
Because I am here to take your soul away
I will only meet you
Try to alienate you,
As I am here to blow your mind away.

I'm never gonna satisfy me
It's never good enough to be real
To be myself and only be true
I'll always try to contemplate you

Now falling
My soul decision

Lift my hand to feed you
See and only be true
Don't you dare to take your mouth away
Comprehend my vision
Be my soul decision
And be prepared
To let me fall astray

I'm left here all alone to make it real
To explain myself and always make you feel
To lift me up and fake it on my own
To sit here on my rusty throne

Now falling
My soul decision

Fall the hours
Remain my friend
Through this pain
Soul decision